In 2014, United Way expanded to China, where we’re partnering with local business and nonprofit leaders to create lasting change. To improve lives in the areas of education, income and health, United Way Worldwide and Shanghai Charity Foundation created the Shanghai Charity Foundation–United

Way Fund with a Corporate Advisory Council to oversee the Fund. Through this collaboration, Shanghai Charity Foundation is leveraging United Way’s proven business model of collective action, working together with governments, NGOs, corporations and volunteers to create long-term community impact and sustainability through the leadership and generosity of companies and their employees.

Our first effort focuses on creating opportunities for the children of Shanghai’s growing migrant population.

United Way, the Shanghai Charity Foundation and more than 240 volunteers from nine corporations teamed up to provide teacher training, supplementary teaching facilities, educational toys and learning materials to 20 kindergartens. In its first year, the Sprout Preschool Education Program has already improved learning conditions for more than 10,000 children of migrant workers.

Caring for our children encourages participation in the building of a better Shanghai. Loving our children is caring for Shanghai’s future.